Saturday, January 7, 2012

How to install Language packs in windows 7 service pack 1 (sp1) Starter, Home basic, home premium and professional Editions.

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        windows 7 comes with six editions like starter, home basic, home premium, professional, enterprise and ultimate.
Every edition has different features and the ultimate edition includes all features but problem is every one can’t afford ultimate edition.
Today we talk on Multilingual User Interface (MUI) packages.
This feature is available via windows update in enterprise and ultimate editions all other editions are not supported via windows update.
So what to do if you recently purchased a laptop or a desktop pc with Windows 7 in English or any other language and you want to use it with your national language. But unluckily your windows edition is starter, or home basic, home premium which is not directly allowed to install MUI Packs (language packs).
Don’t worry we have a solution named Vistalizator.
Vistalizator is a small utility to install language interface packs in windows vista and seven.
How to use vistalizator,
First of all we need our language pack file which you will download from internet by searching windows 7 sp1 language packs in google or any good search engine or from Microsoft website. (language packs are also available on vistalizator site)

Now you are ready to install by running Vistalizator.
But our topic is to install language interface pack in windows 7 sp1 (service pack 1).
When you run vistalizator on windows 7 sp1 it will gives you error looks like this.

Don’t upset every problem has a solution, just follow these steps. 
1. Right click on Vistalizator and then go to Properties.

2. now click on Compatibility tab then click on "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and select  windows 7 then click on "Run this program as an administrator" then click OK.
3. Finally now run vistalizator again it wil works fine looks like this image.
4. now click on Add languages and select your downloaded language pack file.
5. now program verifies the file and then click on Install Language and just wait until finish this will takes up to 15 minutes depends on system then vistalizator ask's to restart the system. save your work and restart.
that's it. after restarting system your selected language will be applied.
and if you want to revert to your old Language just run vistalizator the select your language and click on change language.
some times in windows 7 sp1 vistalizator shows one error but it is normal your task will be completed.
Don't forget to comment below if you have any problem installing language pack or any question or any suggestions. and share this post with your friends if you think it is helpful. Thanks for visiting.........