Sunday, February 6, 2011

How To Check Actual Download, Upload Speed Of Your Internet connection

Now a days, we have different kind of Internet connections like Wireless 3G, Broadband, Cable etc. Internet speed test will show you the current speed for download and upload, and based on that stat, you can check whether your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is giving claimed speed or not. If you are going for 3.1 Mbps connection claimed by your ISP, then you may or may not get that much speed in your area or on your computer. You should check that how much speed you are getting and then only you can talk to your ISP about the speed issue.
Most of the time I use Speedtest to know the current download and upload speed on my computer. Speedtest automatically detects the nearest server to begin the test. In my case, as you can see the nearest server shown in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. That may change for your test. Now you need to hit the Begin Test button to start the Internet Speed Test. Now the result page will show you the download and upload speed and that will also show you some estimated download / upload time for a pre-defined sized file.


sri said...

There are many tools available to check the speed of the internet. You can also check your internet speed using the . It helps to know your connection speed.

Anonymous said...

My download speed comes to be 2mbps but when i actually download something it shows around 200kbps and now it is gradually decreasing to around 30kbps! very slow! how can i increase my download speed?

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