Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Create Customized Unattended Single Installer of Multiple Programs

Whenever you do fresh installation of any operation system in a system you need to do the manual installation of all essential programs you’re going to need. But the process of installing each software one by one takes time plus you need to give additional time for the configuration of each of them.
If you frequently do this you must have felt a need of such a comprehensive automatic installer that should do the job pretty much unattended and automatically. Well, Ninite.com solved this problem and made the software installation so easy that you need to have a single installer file with you – that’s it!
Ninite.com is a web service that provides installers of all popular and essential software in one package. It has a list of software from which you can choose and create a single installation that contains setups of all the software you select and want in your system .
Here is what you need to do to create a customized all in one installer:
1. Visit Ninite.com
2. Select the applications you want to install.
 3. Click “Get Installer” button at the end of the page.

 Once you are satisfied with your selection click on Get Installer button. This will eventually load the download file. 
Installer will take it’s time to download the applications in the background and will start the installation automatically and notify you when all the applications are successfully installed.
Go to Ninite.com and create your All in one Customized Installer
Linux user?  Visit Ninite’s Linux section 
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Start Windows Without Autostart Entries.Boost your system startup

Here is a quick tip that might come in handy in certain situations. Most users have at least some software programs in their system autostart. This means that these programs are started when the Windows operating system starts. The benefit is that these programs are loaded before any user interaction which is essential for security applications and handy for programs the user works with all the time.
Some users might want to skip loading these autostart programs from time to time to save some time to be able to work on the computer. The following solution works only when running Windows XP operating systems. Microsoft seems to have disabled the option in Windows Vista (and most likely kept it that way in Windows 7).

To start Windows XP without any startup programs press the [Shift] key while the computer system is booting. The key has to be pressed as soon as the Windows desktop background appears. This will prevent startup programs from being loaded automatically. It might take a few tries to get it to work.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Asian Games 2010: A bright day for Pakistan

Pakistan brought gold home at the Asian Games on Thursday.  Many believe that it is Pakistan’s right to be the holder of so many medals since, traditionally, Pakistan has been good at hockey and squash and has been world champion in the past.
Pakistan is considered to be the greatest ever squash-playing nation of all time, and credit for this goes to the Khan dynasty. It all started with Hashim Khan, who, at the age of 36, opened Pakistan’s participation in the international arena at the British Open in 1951. Hashim went on to dominate the squash arena by winning seven British Open titles and three North American titles. With Hashim’s success, squash became a “family game” and the Khan dynasty dominated the scene from 1951to1998, producing great players like Roshan Khan, “Shariff the sheriff”, Jahangir Khan and Jansher Khan after Hashim. Many tournaments and finals were dominated by this single family. Jahangir Khan won the British Open 10 consecutive times, a record unlikely to be broken any time soon. Pakistan struggled after Jansher Khan’s retirement, but winning silver in the singles competition and gold in the team event at the Asian Games 2010 means we might be getting back on track!
The history of hockey is just as rich. Pakistan first played the final of field hockey at the Olympics in 1956, nine years after gaining independence. Although they lost the final to India, it began a run of five consecutive final appearances at the Olympics. Pakistan won gold in 1960 and 1968, and silver in 1956, 1964 and 1972. Since then, Pakistan has bagged one more gold at the1984 Olympics and has bagged four World Cup hockey titles as well, the most won by any team. The last World Cup victory was back in 1994, and since then the hockey team had not been successful. But this win at Asian Games 2010, turned things around, giving Pakistan an automatic qualification for Olympics 2012.
Although Thursday did not begin well (Pakistan lost the semi-finals of Kabaddi and cricket to two virtually unknown countries in these sports), the two gold medals brightened up the day. and
Let’s hope we go on to achieve newer heights in these sports in the years to come!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Hashim Amla does not wear a Castle logo on his cricket shirt

Hashim Amla does not wear a Castle logo on his cricket shirt, said that he did not pocket a cent from his match fee.  Promoting beer & liquor is against the teaching of Islam and as such Amla became the first player to be the exception. who was granted permission by South African Breweries and Cricket South Africa not to wear the Castle logos on his clothing.

"Since Hashim understands his religion well, his beliefs are staunch and knows what is right and wrong. At the outset he made the decision not to wear the Castle logo on his clothing, which went public, and at the same time he also took the decision that the money earned from the Tests, sponsored by Castle, were forbidden for his use"


You religion is clearly important to you but just how much?
The importance of my religion has increased as I have got older. I couldn’t put a time frame on it but I have found that following the Islamic way of life has a lot of beauty to it. Although I was born into a Muslim family I wasn’t always practicing. The more I have understood the differences in the various faiths I have adopted as much of Islam as possible. I’m certainly no saint but the discipline of the Islamic way of life has helped my cricket without a doubt. I don’t drink and I pray five times a day, which gives stability to my daily routine.

Can you tell us about your background?
I come from a small town 40 kilo metres north of Durban. I played a lot of sport at primary school like cricket, soccer, tennis, table tennis. I was brought up in a predominantly Asian community but I later went to Durban High School, which had a good sporting heritage and my Dad encouraged me to go there and paid the fees for me to go. Fortunately after the first year I got a bursary as I was good at sport and got looked after.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pakistan win hockey Gold Medal after 20 years.. Well Done Pakistan Team...!

GUANGZHOU: Fired-up Pakistan annexed the Asian Games men’s hockey gold medal after 20 years with a convincing 2-0 win over Malaysia in the final on Thursday.


Today Pakistan win 2 gold medals, Hockey & Squash (team event). Pakistan wins total 3 gold medals. The 1st gold medal was win by Pakistan Women Cricket team.}

Veteran Sohail Abbas put Pakistan ahead with his team’s first penalty corner in the 26th minute, before striker Rehan Butt increased the margin three minutes after half-time.
It was Pakistan’s eighth Asiad hockey gold, ending a drought that stretched back to Beijing in 1990, and handed them their first major title since winning the World Cup in Sydney in 1994.
Pakistan ended the year on a high after a disappointing eight-month period in which they finished a humiliating last at the World Cup in March and took sixth place at the Commonwealth Games in October.
The Pakistanis kneeled in prayer after the final whistle, before lifting their Dutch coach Michel van den Heuvel over their shoulders to loud applause from the stands.
Pakistan captain Zeeshan Ashraf said he was at a loss for words to describe his feelings at winning a long-awaited title which gave his team a direct entry to the 2012 London Olympics
“It’s our turn to celebrate,” said Ashraf. “Taking the gold after 20 years was important, but I am happier that we have also booked a place in the Olympics.
“What can I say about my team? They were just brilliant. We came here to win and achieved our target. Hopefully the past will be forgotten.
“Our country is facing so many problems that it needs moments like this to celebrate. I am sure our win would have brought smiles on the faces of all Pakistanis.”
Malaysia, often dubbed the sport’s perennial under-achievers, had to settle for silver in their maiden appearance in the title clash after winning the bronze medal six times.
The entire Malaysian team, barring Sikh player Baljit Singh, shaved their heads in a practice called ‘nazar’ to ward off evil spirits in the final, but failed to produce the spark that won them the semi-final against India.
Amin Rahim, whose two late goals sank India, faltered in all three penalty corners his team earned in the second half.
Malaysia had gone into the final as the only unbeaten team in the competition with four wins and a draw.
“It is disappointing to lose,” said striker Faisal Saari. “But look at it this way – we won six bronze medals earlier, now we have taken the silver.
“I am sure we can only get better after this.”
Meanwhile, India returned to the Asiad podium after missing out in Doha four years ago when they defeated favourites South Korea 1-0 in the bronze medal play-off.
Tushar Khandekar netted the winner four minutes into the second session as India dominated the lacklustre Koreans through the 70-minute encounter.
India had not won an Asiad hockey medal for the first time in Doha and paid the price when they failed to qualify for the Beijing Olympics two years ago

Monday, November 22, 2010

Easy Photo Uploader For Facebook

Facebook, the most popular social networking gets even more popular, every time new features and apps are are added to it. It has grown so much in terms of traffic that it is the biggest photo & video sharing service on the web. Don’t you wish that the default photo uploader was little more user friendly? Well, there is a third party app for that anyway,

Easy Photo Uploader

Easy Photo Uploader allows you to automatically resize and upload photos to existing or new Facebook photo album. It is integrated in shell menu of Windows, so you can select your picture(s), right click and select the menu item “Send your photo(s) to Facebook”.
Here is a simple guide to get you started.
Step 1: Download Easy Photo Uploader
Step 2: Right Click on the icon (as shown in screenshot) and select the option “Send Your Photos to Facebook”.
Step 3: After selecting this option, it will ask you to select the Facebook account as shown in screen-shots.
Step 4: After clicking on existing Facebook account, it will ask for login details like this
Step 5: Now it will ask for permission as shown in screenshot.
Step 6: After completing all the steps, all you need is to select the album and start uploading photos in it or you can simply create a new album.
Step 7: Now you can simply upload the photos to your account. Now with this tool you can easily upload your photos to Facebook account.
That’s it! Make sure you give it a try if you are one of those compulsive Facebook Photos user.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to Get a Facebook Email Invite

As we told you earlier, the brand new Facebook Messaging system will be an invite only feature to start with. The complete roll-out of Facebook Messages will take a few months, so it’s better to request for an invite if you are desperate to try it out as soon as possible.
To get the Facebook Messages invites, click here.
All you need to do is hit “Request” button at the bottom right of the page and you must receive the invite soon. How soon it’s gonna be remains to be seen. Hope it won’t turn into a wild, mad rush like we used to have for Google products.

Facebook Messaging – not Email, not Gmail.

Whoa! The rumors have come true yet again. Mark Zuckerberg just announced a brand new Facebook Messaging product which is a combination of 3 things.

1. Seamless Messaging system – Facebook’s social inbox handles email, but also SMS and IM.
2. Conversation History – the new service will have a single conversation history for all your communication with a person, regardless of whether it comes via email, SMS, IM etc.
3. Social Inbox – Because Facebook knows who your friends are, you can see only messages that are really relevant.

It’s not email. It’s Social messaging!

Mark says it’s not email, but email is just a part of it. It’s social messaging which is email + chat + sms, all of which are seamlessly integrated.
Social Inbox is an inbox for filtering the messages you want to see from friends. Interestingly enough, Facebook is handing out facebook.com e-mail addresses to all users.
Here are the keys to what a modern messaging system needs according to Zuckerberg:
  • seamless
  • informal
  • immediate
  • personal
  • simple
  • minimal
  • short

Facebook.com mail invites

Well, just like Google Facebook is going the invite way. To start off, few people will be getting the invites to test the messaging system. So you might have to wait a while (few months may be) to try it out.
Update: [How to] Get a Facebook Email Invite

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sarah Palin E-Mail Hacker Sentenced To One Year In Custody.

David Kernell, the former University of Tennessee student who hacked into Sarah Palin's e-mail account during the 2008 presidential campaign has been sentenced to one year in custody.
The 22-year-old was convicted of unauthorized access to a protected computer and destroying records to impede a federal investigation, while he was found not guilty of a separate wire-fraud charge. (A jury deadlocked over an identity theft charge.) Instead of prison time as was recommended by prosecutors, U.S. District Judge Thomas W. Phillips sentenced Kernell to one year and one day inside a halfway house, with a specific facility to be named later, as well as three years of probation.

An economics student who guessed his way passed Palin's Yahoo security questions to access her personal e-mail account, posted online that he was searching for information that would derail Palin's campaign for the vice-presidency. Kernell posted personal family photographs, screenshots of Palin's e-mails, family phone numbers and the account's password online. Palin, along with daughter Bristol, both testified against Kernell, claiming the incident caused their family emotional hardship. "As Watergate taught us, we rightfully reject illegally breaking into candidates' private communications for political intrigue in an attempt to derail an election," a post on Palin's Facebook page said.
Though Kernell has since apologized to Palin and her family, he should begin serving his term inside the halfway house, as well as recommended treatment for depression in about 45 days. (via AP)

Read more: http://techland.com/2010/11/12/sarah-palin-e-mail-hacker-sentenced-to-one-year-in-custody/#ixzz156jQAtCa

Facebook e-mail service expected Monday

PC World - Hey Facebook fans, rumor has it you may be getting e-mail addresses ending with "@facebook.com" as early as Monday. It's a thought that likely has privacy advocates cringing as even more user data would fall under the control of the world's largest social network.
The rumored service wouldn't be just an updated version of Facebook's currently pathetic Inbox, either, but an actual Webmail client to compete with services such as Gmail and Hotmail, according to TechCrunch. Code-named Project Titan, the new e-mail service is expected to be announced Monday at a special Facebook press event during the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.
Rumors of a Facebook e-mail service first surfaced in February. At the time, it was suggested that your Facebook vanity URL might be automatically assigned to you as your @facebook.com e-mail address.

Facebook invitation hints

Adding credence to TechCrunch's report are two features in Facebook's press invitation suggesting Monday's event is all about messaging. The invite features Facebook's Inbox/Messages icon used in its mobile phone applications. The invite also features a red and blue border similar to an airmail envelope.
Of course, an e-mail inbox isn't the only possibility for a messaging-themed Facebook event (assuming the decorations on the invitation are actually hints). On Wednesday, GigaOm theorized that multiuser group chat will soon be integrated into Facebook's smartphone applications. The technology blog didn't mention Monday's event as a possible launch date, only guessing multiuser chat will launch "within months."
Facebook E-mail Equal Privacy Headache?
If Facebook Webmail is coming Monday, it will likely be welcomed by a large number of Facebook users. But a Facebook e-mail service is almost certain to cause concern among privacy advocates. Using Facebook for Webmail would put even more of your data in the hands of the social network. And the company would almost certainly mine your messages for keywords to better target advertising at you, similar to what Google's Gmail does now.
There may also be concern that Facebook would control, and possibly block, e-mail messages flowing through its servers. In early 2009, torrent site The Pirate Bay introduced a new feature that let Facebook users send each other links to torrent files through Facebook's Inbox messaging service. It didn't take long before Facebook started blocking private messages containing torrent links, according to Wired . At the time, Facebook argued it had the right to block this content since the company forbids its members to use the service for unlawful purposes such as disseminating copyrighted material. Facebook can also be overly aggressive with its anti-spam filtering, which could hamper use of a Facebook e-mail service if you start sending too many e-mail messages at once.

Facebook will also have to convince users their e-mail won't be locked into the social network's Webmail client. The most obvious way to allay those concerns would be to provide POP and IMAP access allowing you to send and receive Facebook e-mail through a desktop client such as Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird.
But data portability is not Facebook's strong suit, as the social network proved earlier this week during its fight with Google over Facebook's refusal to let users export their friends' contact information.
Then again, Facebook improved its attitude toward data portability in October when it launched an export tool that lets you download almost all of your Facebook data directly to your desktop.
Does Facebook Have E-mail Mojo?
Another question is whether Facebook can offer an e-mail service that has enough compelling features to compete with other popular Webmail services. Google's Gmail, for example, is particularly innovative, offering handy features such as Priority Inbox, filtering and labels, keyboard shortcuts, voice calling and a recently revised and improved contacts manager. If Facebook offers a plain vanilla Webmail service that tries to boast of robust spam filtering as a user feature, then it may have a tough time convincing users to switch.
If Facebook does launch a Webmail service, it will certainly be good timing. Market research firm Gartner recently predicted that "20% of workers will use social networks as their primary vehicle for business communications by 2014." Facebook e-mail would fit into that scenario perfectly.
I guess we'll have to wait until Monday to see what Facebook has in store. In the meantime, you might want to get your Facebook Web address set-up just in case Facebook's rumored e-mail addresses are automatically assigned by URL.
Connect with Ian Paul (@ianpaul) and Today@PCWorld on Twitter for the latest tech news and analysis.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How to remove a Facebook photo tag

To remove the tag from a photo that someone else has uploaded and tagged you in, simply view the photo, and then choose "remove tag" at the bottom next to your name. The photo will no longer be linked to your profile. Please note that if you tag a user in a photo that you did not upload, you cannot remove or edit the tag. Only the owner of the photo and the tagged user will be able to do so.

Please note that you can set your notifications so that you always know when someone tags you or one of your photos. You can control this setting from the "Notifications" tab on the Account Settings page.

Facebook Friendship Pages – Telling the Story of Friendships

 Facebook is launching a new feature called Friendship Page – which is like a document all of your interactions on the network with particular friends on designated pages. The Friendship Page will display public Wall posts and comments between two friends, photos in which both are tagged, Events they RSVP’d for together and other information.
As much as I am paranoid about privacy on Facebook, this is a welcome feature really. You’ll be able to see Friendship pages between yourself and a friend, or between any two other people in which you have permission to view both peoples’ profiles. After all, Facebook was is meant to connect, build and cherish relationships!
I am sure some of you will still find a reason or two to curse Facebook, but this feature is a wonderful example on how user activity data can be used to tell a story by cross referencing and proper data analysis.
Friendship Pages will probably be rolled out throughout the day, not all users are able to see them yet. They will be linked-to under the main profile photo on a friend’s profile pages and in the newsfeed next to items announcing new connections and activities shared by friends you know both of.
As much as the positives of this new feature, we can dig upon quite a few downsides as well. With Friendship pages, it will become easy for those (stalker) friends to conveniently follow and check what’s brewing between two people. But then, it also brings an emotional aspect to this digital world of social networking.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Check out RockMelt – the ‘Social’ Web Browser

If you are not on Facebook or Twitter, you must be living in a cave. This is the age of social media and social networking. To spruce up your social life, here is a social browser too. Meet RockMelt, the social ‘Facebook browser’. From the developer blog -
RockMelt does more than just navigate Web pages. It makes it easy for you to do the things you do every single day on the Web: share and keep up with your friends, stay up-to-date on news and information, and search.
RockMelt is backed by Netscape founder Marc Andreessen and has entered a private beta today. It lives in the cloud and uses Facebook authentication to synchronize a user’s browsing experience across machines. Your settings, bookmarks, etc., are all backed up online.
RockMelt is built on Chromium, the open source project behind Google’s browser. However, as a Chrome user, you will notice three biggest changes to the browser as RockMelt is built around friends, feeds, and search results. The left rail is for friends. The right rail is for sites. And the top rail is for search.

Download RockMelt Browser

RockMelt is now in limited beta and you need to apply for an invitation. As and when we have some invites and/or the download link is made public, we will certainly update this post. Till then, go ahead and request for an invite from their homepage.

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Adobe Reader 9.4.0 Free Download Latest Version 2011

Everybody know that Adobe Reader is an essential program, that is because PDF has been grown as the most popular format for exchanging documents. This is not without any reasons, PDF is the most secure, lighter and can preserve the original layouts of its contents. Adobe Reader 9.4.0 is the latest version of the official PDF reader from Adobe Acrobat in 2010 that is free, on other side there are also some unofficial PDF reader developed by third parties such as Nitro PDF Reader, Foxit Reader and many more. With this software users can open and read PDF files on its UI, furthermore it enables users to navigate, control, and perform other tasks on documents such as view pages, zoom in/out, hand tool, manage display, print, select, copy to clipboard and etc. Because it is a freeware thus you are allowed to download Adobe Reader 9.4 offline installer and use it for free of charge!

What’s new in Adobe Reader 9.4 is it provides option to create PDF file, this feature is not available in the previous version but in the 9.4.0 there is a menu option that takes you directly to a web-based service provided by Acrobat.com to create your PDF files for free (but only limited to 5 documents).

Adobe Reader has a redesigned interface, plus new features and tools which make it more efficient and user-friendly. It add more security options, forms and digital signature. You can add annotations to PDF documents using comment and mark-up toolbars. In addition it is also able to play embedded flash and quicktime video / audio in PDF documents.
This software is totally free, download Adobe Reader 9.4.0 offline installer, direct download from the link below.
Direct Download (En US version)
EXE installer
MSI installer
Download other versions and languages

Tony Blair's sister-in-law Lauren Booth converts to Islam

Islam conversion gave Lauren Booth a 'new sense of respect'

Iran trip prompted journalist Lauren Booth to become a Muslim and wear a hijab.

Tony Blair's sister-in-law has converted to Islam after having what she describes as a "holy experience" during a visit to Iran.
Journalist and broadcaster Lauren Booth, 43 – Cherie Blair's sister – now wears a hijab whenever she leaves her home, prays five times a day and visits her local mosque whenever she can.
She decided to become a Muslim six weeks ago after visiting the shrine of Fatima al-Masumeh in the city of Qom.
"It was a Tuesday evening and I sat down and felt this shot of spiritual morphine, just absolute bliss and joy," she said in an interview today.
When she returned to Britain, she decided to convert immediately.
Booth – who works for Press TV, the English-language Iranian news channel – has stopped eating pork and reads the Qur'an every day. She is currently on page 60.
Booth has stopped drinking alcohol and says she has not wanted to drink since converting.
Before her spiritual awakening in Iran, she had been "sympathetic" to Islam and has spent considerable time working in Palestine, she said, adding that she hoped her conversion would help Blair change his presumptions about Islam.
{from the guardian.co.uk}

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Facebook “Unlike” Button Comes to the Pages Feed

No! Facebook has not introduced the Unlike button for status updates. Rather, they have added an “Unlike Page” button for news feed, which allows users to opt-out of receiving unwanted messages from pages they had previously said they “liked”.
Clicking on the small “X” button next to any update from a Facebook Page will list the regular options, “Hide this post,” “Hide all by [page],” “Hide all by [app]” and “Mark as spam,” but also a new “Unlike Page” option.
As a matter of fact this is a pretty small update, hence Facebook rolled it out silently, but on the hindsight, it implies the acceptance of dislike or unlike an update (in this case a news feed) by the folks at Facebook.
It’s a welcome addition really. It puts pressure on Pages to not send spammy, irrelevant, or too many updates, as it has become really easy for the user to unlike the page and stop being a fan.
When an user clicks on “Unlike Page” option, a pop-up box appears asking if you really want to remove your connection to the page entirely. The user has to click “Remove Post and Unlike” in order to opt out from seeing any more messages from that page going forward.

 InsideFacebook notes that the Unlike button is also available on feed and activity stories published by Open Graph objects. Now users can Unlike an object from their feed or wall, preventing them from having to leave Facebook to visit and Unlike the URL. We can now hope to see a “dislike” button for all news feeds including the status updates. Don’t you want to see that?
{thanks to techpp.com}

Monday, November 1, 2010

How to Select All Friends at Facebook while Suggesting a Page or Group [TRICK]

At Facebook after liking a page or group whenever you want to suggest that page/group to all of your friends you should have missed a “Select All” button to quickly select all your friends at once. But unfortunately you have to select each friend manually, one by one.
Well there’s a little trick to do that through javascript function call which you need to enter right in your address bar when select friends mini window is active on your screen.

Here is what you need to do to select all you friends:
1. Click “Suggest to Friends”
2. Copy (Ctrl+C) this script:
3. Press “Alt+D” on your keyboard. (this will throw cursor to the address bar)
4. Press Ctrl+V
5. Press “Enter” key
You’ll see all your friends selected automatically. Add your optional personal message and just hit the “Send Invitations” buttons to send the page suggestion to all. Enjoy! :-D