Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Create Customized Unattended Single Installer of Multiple Programs

Whenever you do fresh installation of any operation system in a system you need to do the manual installation of all essential programs you’re going to need. But the process of installing each software one by one takes time plus you need to give additional time for the configuration of each of them.
If you frequently do this you must have felt a need of such a comprehensive automatic installer that should do the job pretty much unattended and automatically. Well, Ninite.com solved this problem and made the software installation so easy that you need to have a single installer file with you – that’s it!
Ninite.com is a web service that provides installers of all popular and essential software in one package. It has a list of software from which you can choose and create a single installation that contains setups of all the software you select and want in your system .
Here is what you need to do to create a customized all in one installer:
1. Visit Ninite.com
2. Select the applications you want to install.
 3. Click “Get Installer” button at the end of the page.

 Once you are satisfied with your selection click on Get Installer button. This will eventually load the download file. 
Installer will take it’s time to download the applications in the background and will start the installation automatically and notify you when all the applications are successfully installed.
Go to Ninite.com and create your All in one Customized Installer
Linux user?  Visit Ninite’s Linux section 
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