Friday, November 5, 2010

Adobe Reader 9.4.0 Free Download Latest Version 2011

Everybody know that Adobe Reader is an essential program, that is because PDF has been grown as the most popular format for exchanging documents. This is not without any reasons, PDF is the most secure, lighter and can preserve the original layouts of its contents. Adobe Reader 9.4.0 is the latest version of the official PDF reader from Adobe Acrobat in 2010 that is free, on other side there are also some unofficial PDF reader developed by third parties such as Nitro PDF Reader, Foxit Reader and many more. With this software users can open and read PDF files on its UI, furthermore it enables users to navigate, control, and perform other tasks on documents such as view pages, zoom in/out, hand tool, manage display, print, select, copy to clipboard and etc. Because it is a freeware thus you are allowed to download Adobe Reader 9.4 offline installer and use it for free of charge!

What’s new in Adobe Reader 9.4 is it provides option to create PDF file, this feature is not available in the previous version but in the 9.4.0 there is a menu option that takes you directly to a web-based service provided by to create your PDF files for free (but only limited to 5 documents).

Adobe Reader has a redesigned interface, plus new features and tools which make it more efficient and user-friendly. It add more security options, forms and digital signature. You can add annotations to PDF documents using comment and mark-up toolbars. In addition it is also able to play embedded flash and quicktime video / audio in PDF documents.
This software is totally free, download Adobe Reader 9.4.0 offline installer, direct download from the link below.
Direct Download (En US version)
EXE installer
MSI installer
Download other versions and languages


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Adobe reader is my favorite application for PDF documents reading and creating.The new version is very attractive and has more user friendly interface.

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