Saturday, April 9, 2011

Setup Free Home Security Camera Using Skype.

This is not a new idea by any means. I first read about this concept on a blog a year or two ago But i cant find this again ! I really like this concept, I want to talk about it again. I have done this before when I was away from home and it worked perfectly. It basically involves using Skype as a security camera to check your home from another location.
Home security systems are extremely expensive these days but a fairly rudimentary cheap but effective system can be set up using Skype and a webcam.
It involves keeping your computer on so this may not work if you are away from home for an extended period of time (imagine the electricity bill!) but if you are just going to work for example, this would be a good solution to “do an E.T and call home”. You can also use this to check up on the kids while you are out.

And if you have iphone or ipad then you can use your iOS Device to get a video view of your home when you are outside the home. You can use your iPhone, or iPad 3G as a security camera.
How To Setup:

We assume, you already have a Skype account called MySkype. (if not, you can download Skype for free HERE!)
You need to get another Skype account and give it a name, for the purpose of this example, let’s call it MyHomeSkype. Now log-in to Skype from your home computer with the new MyHomeSkype account.

Select Tools-Options and set up as below:
  1. Privacy > Allow calls from: Only people from my Contacts
  2. Calls > Incoming Calls: Auto-answer incoming calls
  3. Video Settings> Select your Web cam
  4. Video > Enable Skype Video
  5. Video > When I am in a call: Start my video automatically
  6. Video > Automatically receive video from: No one or People in my Contact List
Before you leave home, just make sure your home PC has Skype running in the background with MyHomeSkype account.
Where ever you are, just use Skype with your normal account MySkype and call MyHomeSkype, you will see the video. you can watch the video of your home on your iPhone. using skype iphone app.
just launch Skype app on your iPhone log in on your primary Skype account and make a video call.
That’s it. In this way you can set up Skype to become your home iPhone security camera. 
Does anyone else have any unique uses for Skype? Or can you think of other uses for this method?


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