Monday, July 4, 2011

How To Hide Hard Disk Partition in Windows To protect data Without Any Software

Every one of us want to hide important files and documents or some thing special from everyone specially from computer users who shares same computer. But unfortunately there is no such feature in windows expect hide files and folders but this is such a common way that every one knows and can unhide the files at any time. Another annoying thing with hide files and folders is this that you have to hide each file and folder manually every-time so if you want to hide large amount of data then this will be really hard for you.
The best way is Secure your data is move all those files in a single partition and just hide the partition.
There are so many utilities available to hide files and folder but you have to install them in order to use them, similarly you have to open the application every-time you need to lock or unlock the drive.  But here is the little trick that I’m sure most of the users are not aware of.

Steps to Hide a Partition

I have three partitions on my Hard Disk I will hide Drive D:
Just right click on My Computer icon and Select Manage from menu.
A new window will open, Just click on Disk Management link at the bottom of the list. You will see your hard disk partitions on the right side of the window.
Just Right click on the partition you want to hide and select Change Drive Letter and Paths from menu.
Now just click Remove button and then click OK button.
A message will appear: Ignore this warning and click Yes button (Please note that you can’t hide any hard disk partition that contain windows System Volume Information. for example C: drive.

That's it  A quick check in My Computer clearly show that, partition (D:) no longer exist.
But do not worry this just hides the partition from my computer, logically it’s still there with all the data intact.

Note: Some times you need to Restart your Computer in order to hide partition.
So what if you want to unhide the same partition you just hide. well same procedure as mention above, and in Disk Management simply right click on that partition, and click on Change Drive Letter and Paths
and Click on Add button.
Assign a letter for this partition (D for my case) and press OK button. 
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