Sunday, August 14, 2011

Google Doodle Celebrates Independence Day of Pakistan

I Guess this is first time ever happened in Google’s history Finally Google has given Pakistanis a doodle for Pakistan's Independence Day. The design of the doodle is not very artistic. Just something thrown in a hurry. The doodle does not reflect on people and culture of Pakistan or even the importance of the day.

They have used minar-e-Pakistan as L in the Google. Minar-e-Pakistan was built to remember the day when Pakistan resolution was passed by All India Muslim League on 23rd March 1940. This building represents another day that we celebrate which is called the Pakistan Day.

The head of the second g is shaped like the Crescent and star in Pakistani flag. There are other stars thrown in which are all green and the one with the Crescent is white.

Perhaps other stars, and then the one different from other stars point to some sort of symbolism on how Pakistanis are very much like rest of the world yet uniquely different. Happy Independence day...


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