Friday, March 11, 2011

Firefox 4 RC Released [Direct Download Links For Windows Linux and Mac]

After releasing twelve Beta versions, Mozilla has released their first RC (Releases Candidate) today. The RC is now available to download for Windows, Linux and Mac based users.
A complete list of new features in this RC is outlined at this page. Out of these changes , the remarkable ones are design UI, organizing tabs, managing add-ons and better a syncing UI. Behind the scene changes include better HTML5 support and better WebM support.
It is expected that these changes will put Firefox back in the game and with the agile roadmap ahead; Firefox has a chance of getting back a number of power users it lost to Google Chrome and Opera. Benchmarks say, the new JavaScript rendering engine is 3.5x faster and watching HD WebM videos will be fun. Along with that, there are other ‘not so evident at first’ changes like, 3D capabilities and hardware acceleration. The crash protection on tabs allows Firefox to isolate the rouge tab caused by a crashing plugin. This prevents the complete browser from going down, in case of a tab-crash and saves our important work.
 Although you can download the latest version of the RC from Firefox RC official page
but we are here to make things simpler for you. So Download the Firefox RC for you OS from the below provided direct download links.

Direct Download Links for Firefox 4 RC

Download for Windows
Download For Mac OS X
Download for Linux


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