Friday, March 25, 2011

iPhone 5 Rumored Specs and Release Date

The iPhone may be the most popular smartphone ever released by Apple. It may have some discoloration as well reception issues with the iPhone 4 but somehow it has able to manage its good standing in the smartphone industry. But just recently there were ongoing rumors that Apple is set to unveil the next generation iPhone which is apparently called the iPhone 5.
As you all know by iPhone 5 is not far from its launch in June 2011, there are multiple rumors of the new design including Aluminum back and redesigned Antenna. It may also include the new A5 processor from Apple with a larger screen size with full HD Support. Folks at did a great job in summarizing all these rumors in a nice infographic which also tells about how much chances are there for each feature to be added to new iPhone 5 and the highest chances include it will have bigger screen of 3 inch, It run on A5 processor and will have NFC support.
Check out the infographic below.


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