Monday, December 13, 2010

How to Full Format Nokia N8 Smartphone| Hard Reset Nokia N8

Nokia N8 users are complaining about frequent freezing, sluggish response, lost OVI store 2.0 and many more. Moreover if you succeed to brick your device after trying FontRouter then hard reset of Nokia N8 is the only possible solution. If you are one of those unlucky users who are facing difficulties with your Nokia N8 device then full format or hard reset is the possible solution for you.

How to Hard Reset Bricked Nokia N8

Neois over the Nokia forum has provided a way to full format or hard reset Nokia N8 device. Below is a simple method to full format your Nokia N8.
Step 1: Turn off your phone
Step 2: Hold ‘Volume Down + Camera Key + Menu Key’ together and press power button until your phone shakes.
Step 3: Wait until scree shown properly.
That’s it. You have successfully done hard reset of your Nokia N8 devices.
Note: Some of the problems found after formatting the device
Please note that I found these problems after doing full format:
1. I lost Ovi Maps. However, you could reinstall it by download it here
2. I also lost Ovi Store 2.0 and I can’t reinstall it since it always show “Unable to install”.
So please DON’T do full format if not necessary or actually I must say that DO IT ONLY AS YOUR LAST CHOICE.
You should understand the risk involved in formatting your device completely. It should definitely help you to solve some of the problem with your Nokia N8. Have you formatted your Nokia N8?[via]


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