Monday, December 20, 2010

The World’s Number 1 Best Selling BlackBerry Application is ‘Made in Pakistan’!

Photo Editor, the World’s number one seller, in all categories, on Blackberry App Store happens to be ‘Made in Pakistan’.
Developed by a Lahore-based software company Pepper.PK, the Photo Editor for blackberry has made it to the top of list for paid applications.
Tech Lahore has detailed post on the topic, it says:
Pakistan’s IT industry has come a long, long way. The capabilities and skills of our companies are developing not just in the area of software engineering, but project management, product marketing and promotion.
It’s no easy feat to leave HUGE names like Facebook and Monopoly, among dozens of others, behind! But what’s laudable achievement proves is that not only are Pakistan based software companies ultra-competitive, they are, quite literally, second to none.{via:propakistani}


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