Saturday, January 29, 2011

Facebook Confirms Removal of Suggest to Friends Feature from Pages

Facebook removed the Suggest to Friends link from Pages last week when a bug caused the feature to load incorrectly. However, an article in the Help Center confirms that the option will not be returned to users, and that they should now use the Share button to ask Friends to Like a Page. The closing of this viral channel should reduce Page suggestion spam, but may also stunt the growth of Pages unless they pay for more ads.Admins will still be able access the Suggest to Friends feature on their own Pages,  Users can’t access the feature, but can instead use the Share button, located at the very bottom left Pages. The Share button allows users to make a post of the Page to their profile, “which may appear in their friends’ News Feeds”. Users can also opt to Share directly to specific friends via Message, and can send up to 20 of these at a time.

The most likely reason for this change was that page administrators were typically the only people likely to use the tool. This also prevents page administrators from encouraging fans to share their page with others.
 There’s also a chance that Facebook will come up with alternative solutions for easily sharing your favorite pages.


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