Monday, January 24, 2011

How To Remove Tagged Photos from Top of New Facebook Profile

The New Facebook Profile now comes with some cool improvements. It involves a stream of five photos displayed at the top of user profile. The photo streams shows the recently tagged photos or photos from profile picture album of the user. Facebook hasn’t yet any option to disable and remove the photos at the top of the profile. But you can remove a specific photo from appearing at the top of Facebook new profile. This will help you to clean the photos from any wrongly untagged images, pictures of spam nature, or simply photos that you don’t want others to see directly on Profile page

Procedure to Remove Tagged Photos on Top of New Facebook Profile

1) First login to your Facebook account.
2) Roll over your mouse on the photo and click the “x” that floats in the top-right corner.
3) Now the photo will be hidden from view. but you can still find the photo on your photos page.
4) Another way: You can change your privacy settings, so that nobody can see the tagged photos at the top of the profile.
5) To do this, choose the “Privacy Settings” option from the account option present at the top of your Facebook page.
6) Now select “Customize Settings” in the “Sharing on Facebook” section.
 7) Then hit the “Edit Settings” for “Photos and videos I’m tagged in” option.
 Now select the new privacy settings for “Who can see photos and videos I’m tagged in” from the drop-down list.
9) Select “Friends Only” option, so except your friends, no one else can see the photos.
 10) Click on “Okay” when you’re done.


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