Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hidden Video Game on YouTube! Play Snake on any YouTube Video Now!

 This is a quick trick that I bet a lot of users don’t know about! Did you know that YouTube technicians have hidden a video game on any YouTube video (YouTube Easter eggs)? The video game is kinda simple and nothing fancy to tell you the truth but it is nice nonetheless. Let’s see how to play Snake on any YouTube videos thanks to this little trick and go back to the golden 80′s where such a game was played everywhere! 

  1. Go to
  2. Open any video and right after that put it on pause.
  3. Now, hold the left button on your keyboard for about 4 seconds and right after that, without leaving your grip on the left button, keep pressing the up key!
  4. Did you notice anything new? If you followed the procedure correctly, you should be able to play Snake on the video itself. Eat the small apples without hitting the video borders!
  5. Enjoy!


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